Wednesday, 21 January 2015

LCM: Agi & Sam A/W 2015

Image by British Fashion Council

Mid-LC:M: barely slept, been sucking in your cheeks for hours at a time and only eaten an apple for sustenance, and that's just the audience. In a world of 'straight faced' catwalks this show is different, no, not it's not the 70s dream boy from Topman Design or the taunts of the nude yeti from Moschino, it's Agi and Sam's offering to the LC:M buffet: childhood nostalgia.

Their catwalk popped up across the social networks - and heavily on Dazed and Confused (which is the entirety of my instagram feed) - and each time it gave such joy to look at. With garments mused from mismatched block colour and a certain raw-ness with clothes sliding off the models in knits or 'unfinished' coats, the collection was so simultaneously moody yet gleeful and carefree. 
Image by Rosie Yang

The inspiration for this collection is undeniably the familiar childhood nostalgia of Lego. Since 1949 Lego has been producing the beloved plastic 'Binding Brick' with four and eight studs and has transcended through generations to remain prominent and still relevant in children's play today. For most, Lego was the first opportunity in childhood to move away from constructed toys like dolls or cars, into a world where a pile of bricks could turn into anything. Whether you chose to follow the guidelines or explore the possibility of a house/Star wars X-wing fighter hybrid, Lego has let children and parents alike to explore creativity - The Art of The Brick exhibition can only prove that.

Make up artist, Isamaya Ffrench's Lego masks and facial structures for Agi and Sam, are a testament to the coexisting perfection and imperfection of the bricks and our sentimental love for such as humble object. Whilst some are complete masks, others look like the model has washed his face in Lego and remnants have been left in the hair line. With the varying configurations, they truly are the cherry on top of the playful collection.

My New Year's Resolution? I'm dragging out the boxes of plastic bricks from under the bed, it's time to reclaim the Lego for ourselves!

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